D'dinas Reydlatu or "The City of the Righteous" is the major metropolis of white magic on Equilibrium. It was built by Reydlati Fyrsta in 1Æ, Year 104 and is located in the Southern Plains.


The city consists of numberless triangle-shaped layers, each flying above another so that it looks like a tower from outside. This works because there are big tanks filled with a gas lighter than air inside these planes. It is produced in an engine in the middle of each layer that takes its energy from a continuous ray of white ætherialmana which is emitted by the Iri-kot-khoal, the tower cathedral and center of the Righteous' belief, at the ground under the layers.
The layers are so large that there is no sunlight at some places, but even though there is no night in D'dinas and it's always bright where the layers are enlightetned by white lightmages and magical lanterns.

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