This is the timeline of the story of Equilibrium.

Dark æonEdit

  • ???: The Triumvirate created Equilibrium as a world of perfect harmony between all kind of mana. The triumvirate itself is, like the Eldrazi, a colorless entitie, which was created in the æther itself.

First æonEdit

  • Year 0: First historically comfirmed year, Maplewood was founded by Jorad and his followers, the Symbiotic, in the south of Equilibirum. It was the first sign of civilisation on Equilibrium
  • Year 50: Blue mages, who called themselves Wisdomseekers, founded, under the lead of Yorak Val, Warthael, the city of steam and magic.
  • Year 56: The Core was started being build by the High Council of Wisdom's mages.
  • Year 70: Ushod, leader of the Righteous, a group of very religious white mages, started to build Iri-kot-khoal, the white tower.
  • Year 73: The Death-led, a black necromancer cult led by Yrad Mors, the lich lord of the nordic swamps, started to build their infamous cathredal, Mors Carodrak, the temple of death.
  • Year 76: A group of red mages, called the Wrathborn, who live in east mountains of Equilibirum, founded their capital Irathork.
  • Year 100: Priests and priestesses from all 5 nations come together to form an alliance between all branches of the Triumvirate Cult.
  • Year 124: The Core has finished building. Zahk, the Cathedral of wisdom, is being build around it.
  • Year 130: All major cities are being completed.

Second æonEdit

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